Essex couple reach 60th landmark

TOLERANCE is the key to a successful marriage according to Reg and Olive Frost, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last Thursday.

The popular couple first got together whilst in their teens after meeting at a Butcher’s shop in Stebbing, where Reg worked. Olive used to visit the shop and take the owner’s dog for a walk with her friends.

“We spend every day together,” said Olive. “I think tolerance is the reason we have managed to stay together so long.”

They married on July 22, 1950, at St Mary’s church, Stebbing, and spent their honeymoon in Porthcawl, South Wales – a destination they have visited a number of times since.

Recalling a funny story from one of their visits, Reg said “We got stuck on the dodgems and had to be pushed all the way round.

“We go to Wales often as I was stationed there during the War in 1942. We have also been to Australia, however Wales is our favourite.”

Reg, 86, and Olive, 81, have lived in Stebbing for the duration of their married life where they started an indoor bowls club – it is still going strong today after a 10-year stint.

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They received a card from the Queen on the morning of their anniversary, which was thankfully to Olive’s taste. She had been concerned that she may receive one similar to a friend’s, on which the Queen was pictured wearing a “frumpy yellow dress.”

She said: “I was happy with the card I got because the Queen was wearing a blue dress”.

The couple also held a party at Stebbing village hall, on Saturday, where they celebrated with their friends from the many organisations they are involved with, such as the Historical Society and the Over 60’s club.

Over 50 people attended to congratulate Reg and Olive and wish them luck for the future.