Dunmow’s new ‘heart’ is NOT the town square


HOW sad for Dunmow that the heart of the town, with its wonderful historic buildings and great position, was ignored as the best place for the town square.

The top of Market Place developed and pedestrianised really was the only answer to the question ‘where shall we site the town square?’ Something Dunmow would be proud to tell people about and as the residents, tourists and visitors drive through or walk along the high street how lovely, quaint and appealing it would be to see an ‘olde square’ where they could enjoy a coffee and admire the old architecture and perhaps check out the tourist information office. After all Dunmow is quite rightly advertised as an historic market town.

Imagine a seat facing the Starr restaurant, the old town hall and another then looking across the road which is clearly a road unlike the newly developed area seeing the Saracens Head building.

How lovely for the thousands of visitors to the flitch and carnival to see the heart of the town developed and on display. Somewhere they may enjoy coming back to on a quieter day, and more importantly how lovely for the residents of Dunmow.

The new development is a paved area to sit and wait for friends using the public conveniences, an area to sit and wait whilst someone pops into the library, which I might add has to be an accident waiting to happen! Yes a road that runs right passed the entrance to the library as cars swing round the bend.

Don’t try and tell me it’s a no through road just access...I have witnessed its use as several cars have driven through and I’ve only walked down there three times! After watching a car stop on the ‘access’ road just last week for someone to pop to the cash machine unbelievable.

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I now note there are red cones suggesting no one should be stopping there. Will there be beautiful double yellow lines through there soon to bring a lovely splash of colour to help with the aesthetics of the town square or will the red cones remain?

I note from your article Owen Wilson described the area as ”ugly and unattractive” a couple of years ago; quite right, it was, and now it is tidy. But his next comment, “the only way White Street will stay nice for the public is to make it the town square”, is quite ridiculous. Call it a tidy square but not the town square.

I can’t quite conjure up a pleasant summers evening sat by the car park, outside the Co op, by the toilets, enjoying the beautiful surroundings!

Wonderful quotes from Taylor Wimpey as well: are they suppose to make us feel good? Of course they will be delighted they have flats and houses to sell, “a privilege to have been involved in such a magnificent scheme”. Oh come on! Surely Dunmow has more to offer.

What better way to positively continue to develop Dunmow and put it on the map for the right reasons now that that ugly area is tidy. Let’s give Dunmow a heart and develop the true historic site Market Place...the real town square just as the name suggests.

Lorraine Senior