Dunmow allotments lose communal composting site

JUBILEE Allotment holders will have to find their own means of composting after Dunmow Town Council was asked to remove the communal site.

Due to people putting non-compostable waste in to the composting site, the council will remove the facility.

Cllr Gwynn Davies said: “People have been putting non-compostable waste on to the composting heap so the allotment committee have decided to get rid of it

“Putting plastic on the composting site completely defeats the point of the whole operation so they have asked the council to get rid of it.”

The committee in charge of the allotments do not police the site themselves, except lock the gates so non-allotment holders can not gain entry so they see no other way other than to get rid of compost heap.

Cllr Davies added: “Composting will have to be done individually now rather than communally.

“The allotment committee wanted it installed and now that the problems have occurred they have asked the council to remove it at our own expense which we have agreed to do.”

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The planned move for the space that will be left by the removal of the composting site is a poly-tunnel that will measure eight feet high in the middle so people can protect their flowers and vegetables from the winter chill.