About Us

The Dunmow Broadcast is Dunmow’s only local newspaper. It is a trusted, well-read and much-loved product and has an avid readership which places a great deal of value in the title. It is dedicated to bringing in-depth journalism which makes a difference to people’s everyday lives.

Offering in-depth news reporting and community campaigns, the breadth and depth of the Broadcast’s content is tantamount to the hard work and dedication of all its contributors.

Fully immersed in our community, drawing on decades of local knowledge, and with a commitment to investigative and informative journalism presented in a bright and appealing design, the Broadcast team are passionate about their product, and this is consistently reflected in their work.

Offering traditional news values presented in a modern format, we see our readers and advertisers as fellow participants in a shared community, whether that be in print, online or across social media platforms.