World Cup

The 2014 World Cup is just around the corner, and with Brazil as this year's hosts we are set for a real treat. The five-time World Cup winners kick start the greatest football competition on Thursday, June 12, with their match against Croatia.

No doubt World Cup fever has hit your household, and the flags are ready to be waved, the barbecues are ready to be lit, and everyone is ready to party. Assuming your respected team does well of course! We've decided to get your World Cup excitement up to fever pitch with our special dedicated section below. Enjoy!

World Cup Stadiums World Cup Stadiums

There are 12 stadiums which are featured in the World Cup. Find out where they are and their key information in our stadium guide.

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World Cup Facts

Love a fact or just want to find out more about the World Cup? Check out our fact-tastic section!

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World Cup Groups

We've got details on who's in what group and who to watch out for in each national team.

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World Cup Magazine

View the World Cup magazine by clicking on the supplement below. Adobe Flash Player required.

World Cup Wallchart World Cup Wallchart

Get organised with our wallchart. Simply download the wallchart, print both pages and away you go! (Adobe Reader/Acrobat required.)

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World Cup Predictor


World Cup Fixtures

Want to know who plays when, and who plays who? We've got all the World Cup 2014 fixtures for your diary.

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